My name is Nicola, and I am a writer and fairweather comedian. I don’t own a fancy DSLR, an idyllic minimal-yet-shabby-chic house or a Pantone colour guide*.

I’m not really a blogger. I mean, clearly I am because this is WordPress and things are looking distinctly bloggy up in here. But what I really want to do is write. And this is a means to that end. So I suppose what I’m really trying to tell you is not to be surprised that I don’t style everything nicely, I don’t really review stuff, and I don’t stick to the rules about having high-quality photos all the way through my posts. Oh yes. I know the rules. I’m just choosing to ignore them. I’m such a bloody maverick.

I can also be found blogging at 365 Bad Jokes where I create and post a bad joke every day, and have been doing so for far too long.


*And really. What is the point of a Pantone Colour Guide? “This is blue.” “Oh, thank god you’re here. I was wondering…”


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