Between Meme & You

The internet is full to the brim with memes featuring inspirational quotes. They’re enough to give anyone just the right amount of motivation to continue to wear trousers and a bra, and occasionally leave the house. They’re designed to be quickly scrolled through on Pinterest, with the implicit understanding that nobody should really think too hard about what any single one means.

But where’s the fun in that?

Tell yourself this everyday :)

It will be fun for three days and then good luck. And find a bigger plate for your weird-looking salad. I like your trainers.


Be inspirational  ❥|Mz. Manerz: Being well dressed is a beautiful form of confidence, happiness & politeness

Unless you need to see where you’re going, talk to someone, walk down stairs, catch something, go to work, cook dinner…


Um, you don’t know me, lady. My comfort zone could be full of man-eating crocodiles and flame throwers and ninjas. The fact that it is not doesn’t change anything.



Thank you for being the reason I smile.

From the bottom of my heart, television and wine. Thank you.


Something I've been working on for years. . . still haven't mastered it though. . . *sigh*

Um, No.

 Happy Hump Day!


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